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Campus Accommodation


There are four university dormitories in campus, namely, the Gratitude Hall (the 1st Dormitory), the Blessing Hall (the 2nd Dormitory), the Dreamcatcher Hall (the 3rd Dormitory), and the Summit Hall (the 4th Dormitory).

Each room in the dormitory is equipped with four beds, a bathroom, a toilet, central air-conditioning, and Internet access. Coin-operated washing machines, dryers, potable hot/cold water machines and other amenities are also available in each dormitory. In addition, vending machines containing snacks and beverages are located throughout the campus and in dormitory lobbies.

Freshmen and foreign students are all expected to live in the four dormitories on campus, except those residing in the nearby areas Wufeng or Dali, or having special reasons for not living on campus. Students may choose to move out of university housing during their second year. Sophomores can apply to live on campus after gaining permission from the Dormitory Service Section of the Office of Student Affairs. Students who do not get permission may live outside the campus. There are many houses for rent around the campus.

Students are allowed to bring personal equipments like notebook PC's, hair dryers, etc., and an enthusiastic attitude towards university life. Some items are not allowed in dormitories, like electric ovens, electric bottles, electric spoons, heaters, microwave ovens, TV's, refrigerators, etc. Drugs, guns, and other dangerous equipment, and smoking and noise are definitely prohibited.

Some dormitories provide treadmills for students to exercise. The gymnasium and stadium offer more exercise facilities.

Many activities and measures are provided in the dormitory areas, including offering in-dorm teaching assistant services to assist students' to review course material, providing room spaces for self-studies and audio-visual recreation, organizing book reading circles, holding festival celebration parties, etc.


(2013-11-08 updated)


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