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Leisure Environment

Taiji LakeAsia University constructs buildings continuously with elegant Greek-Roman styles. There are a fountain, a lotus pond, a big lake, and various plants in the campus, forming a garden university with blooming cherry blossoms in spring, lotus flowers in summer, Hong Kong orchids in autumn, and roses in winter.




First lotus pond


The Taiji Lake, the Little Forest, and the around-campus walkways in the campus are all quiet and secluded places for you to take an easy walk in your extracurricular time.




First lotus pond


Furthermore, every building of the university has a green center yard with a coffee shop for you to take a break or have a cup of coffee after class. The green plants with colorful flowers in the yard give you fresh air and enlighten your mind during your tea time.



First lotus pond


Actually, the scenic campus and its numerous art statues (mostly in an Art Statue Park) have attracted a lot of people to take wedding pictures almost every day, and make movies, advertisement videos, and TV shows frequently.


First lotus pond




You may also spend some time to visit the university art center - Asia Museum of Modern Art. Special-topic exhibitions are often held there. Also worth your visit is the library and its entrance hall where many artworks by world-famous artists like Arman, Rodin, etc. are available all the time for your appreciation.










(2015-07-25 updated)


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