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Degree Programs for International Students

  (Doctoral, Master's, and Bachelor's programs are indicated as PhD, MS, and BS, respectively)


   (1) International College(all courses taught in English)

Healthcare Administration (MS, PhD)

Ÿ Biotechnology (MS)

Ÿ Computer Science and Information Engineering (MS, PhD)

(A) Computer science track (MS, PhD)

(B) Semiconductor track (MS)

Ÿ Bioinformatics and Medical Engineering (MS, PD)

Ÿ Business Administration (MS, PhD)

(A) International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)
(B) Doctoral Degree in Business Administration (PhD)
(C) Joint Master Degree in 
Business Administration (MS)

Ÿ Psychology (MS, PhD)
Ÿ Finance and Economical Law (MS)
Ÿ International Undergraduate Degree Program in Finance and Management (IBF)
Ÿ Joint Undergraduate Degree Program of Finance and Management (IBF)
Teaching English to Young Learners (MA)
Ÿ Nonprofit Organization and Social Work Management (MA)
Ÿ Digital Media Design (PhD)
Ÿ Joint Undergraduate Degree Program of Accounting and Information Systems (BA)

 < Link to details of above programs>


   (2) College of Medical and Health Sciences (courses taught in Chinese)

Healthcare Administration (BS, MS, PhD)

Ÿ Health & Nutrition Biotechnology (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Biotechnology (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Psychology (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Nursing (BS) 

Ÿ Optometry (BS)
Ÿ Audiology & Speech Pathology (BS)
Ÿ Occupational Therapy (BS)
Ÿ Post-Baccalaureate Veterinary Medicine (BS)

 < Link to details of above programs>

   (3) College of Information and Electrical Engineering (courses taught in Cineses)

Ÿ Biomedical informatics (BS, MS, PhD)

Ÿ Computer Science & Information Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) 

Ÿ M-Commerce and Multimedia Applications (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Photonics & Communication Engineering (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Information Communication (BS, MS)


 < Link to details of above programs>


   (4) College of Management (courses taught in Chinese)

Ÿ Business Administration (BS, MS, PhD)

Ÿ International Business (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Leisure & Recreation Management (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Accounting & Information Systems (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Finance (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Financial & Economic Law (BS)


 < Link to details of above programs>


  (5) College of Humanities and Social Sciences (courses taught in Chinese)

Ÿ Foreign Languages & Literatures (BS, MS)

Ÿ Social Work (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Early Childhood Education (BS)


 < Link to details of above programs>


  (6) College of Creative Design (courses taught in Chinese)

Ÿ Digital Media Design (BS, MS, PhD)

Ÿ Visual Communication Design (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Creative Product Design (BS, MS) 

Ÿ Fashion Design (BS) 

Ÿ Interior Design (BS) 

Ÿ International Degree Program of Design (BS)


 < Link to details of above programs>

(2018-11-20 updated)


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