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Art Center

Asia University Art Center is located in the Administration Building, just across the Library at the same floor. The purpose to set up the center is to establish an "art campus," so that the art appreciation capabilities of the faculty, students, as well as people in the community can be enhanced.

   The Art Center irregularly invites famous domestic and international artists to exhibit their artworks. People in the artistic circle are also encouraged to host exhibitions of their own in the center. More importantly, visitors are welcome cordially to the center.

It is worth mentioning that there resides a world-famous statue "The Thinker" by Rodin in the middle hall of the Administration Building where is also the entrance area of the center. Also noticeable is the large collection of a series of statues by Degas, including the famous "Young 14 year-old Dancer."

   There is an audio-visual space for use as a classroom for teaching courses related to arts and general education.

For further information: Art Center website

(2013-11-08 updated)


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