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Mission and Goals


     Our university is founded on great enthusiasm for education. We are devoted to higher education, abiding by truth, virtue, and beauty. We pursue the elevation of body, mind, and spirit to nourish cultural heritages and serve society.




     We advocate loving and holistic education. In addition, we uphold academic freedom and independence. We believe that knowledge is the source of inspiration; wisdom, the accumulation of knowledge; encouragement, the power of social improvement; and health, the basis of everlasting development. We cultivate the campus culture and seek development by emphasizing pioneering and outstanding teaching, localized and internationalized research, and optimized community service.



Goal of University Development

     We emphasize the following key points as the goal for university development.

          1. Strengthening school infrastructure and beautifying campus environment

          2. Establishing relevant regulations and promoting administrative efficiency

          3. Cultivating campus culture and seeking consensus for future development

          4. Innovating course designs and recruiting good faculty

          5. Providing sufficient teaching equipment and fulfilling high-quality teaching

          6. Creating good research environment and seeking research excellence

          7. Enhancing services to societies and increasing cooperation with the industry

          8. Following the trend of era and continuing establishment of departments

          9. Fortifying core niche and grasping competition superiority

          10. Incubating novel business and creating job opportunity



Goal of Education

       We cultivate students to be global citizens with expertise and humanities attainments, good characteristics and attitudes, as well as abilities to seek the values of health, care, innovation, and excellence and willingness to put them into practice.
     Aims for Cultivating Students' Basic Attainments and Core Capabilities

      Basic Attainments:
         1. Health: with the good habit to improve physical, psychological, and spiritual health continuously
         2. Care: with the mobility to carry out the actions of caring oneself, caring others, caring the society and caring the world
         3. Innovation: with the creativity to propose new ideas and the abilities to explore new things, to make meaningful changes, and to deal with contingency
         4. Excellence: with the ambition to seek self-improvement, to be engaged in life-long learning, and to adapt to social changes and needs of times
      Core Capabilities:

        Chinese, English, information processing, and professional competence



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The Thinker by Rodin

("The Thinker" by Rodin in front
of Asia Museum of Modern Art)