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Introduction to Scenic Campus

      Asia University, since its establishment, is devoted to creating a "garden university." Today the campus has become a famous scenic spot for photographing or videotaping of TV play series, wedding couples, and commercial advertisements. Features of our campus include the following!



  1   The university campus of the Greek-roman style has unsurpassed elegance --- The campus buildings are all designed in a similar style, pleasant and refreshing, and suited for daily life of study.
  2   The campus buildings have abundant architecture features --- The Administration Building is like an European palace, the Gym resembles the Colosseum, the Management Building has a gable, the Health Science Building entrance is supported by Greek columns, the Information Science Building entrance is like the Pantheon, and each dorm has Greek pillars as doors, and so on.
  3   There are numerous statues which cultivate the artistic soul of every student/teacher --- Over ten art statues from famous artists, such as Y. Y. Yang, A. Rodin, Arman, T. C. Yu, etc., can be found in the campus
  4   A university art museum designed by world-famous architect Tadao Ando is to be built --- The building is of a triangular shape which will become a new landmark not only of the university but also of middle Taiwan.
  5   Like a garden university, the campus has a theme flower in every season ---  The theme flowers are: cherry blossoms in spring, lotus flowers in summer, redbuds in autumn, and roses in winter.
  6   The middle yards of the buildings are full of green views --- The green plants grown on the ground and in the flower-beds on each floor of the middle yards of the campus buildings create good atmospheres for academic activities.
  7   The lotus ponds and pavilions provide easy places for study and recreation --- The Taiji Lake, the 1st Lotus Pond, and the park beside a little temple all have lotus ponds and pavilions.
  8   There are around-campus pathways with blooming cassia fistula flowers --- There are many cassia fistula trees with blooming yellow flowers aside the pathways around the campus.
  9   Spirit-inspiring colonnades encircle the campus --- The campus is full of three kinds of Greek columns, namely, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian,
  10   There are large grass lawns for easy times and activities --- Grass lawns are everywhere with several large ones, creating a strong impression of green campus.



(A small garden in campus)           


(2015-07-15 updated)


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