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2016-12-21 推文至Plurk 推文至Twitter 推文至Facebook

Prof. Hou from AU Participates the Intl. Exhibition of “Women’s Eyes -Women x Deesign x society.---

The exhibition “Women’s Eyes - Women x Design x Society” shows artworks created by world-renowned female designers for international exchanges of visual arts.

Prof. Hsiao-Pei Hou from AU is invited as one of the nine contributors of works to the International Exhibition of “Women’s Eyes - Women x Design x Society.”

As a support to the promotion of Taipei to become the World Design Capital of 2016, the Graphic Design Association of Taiwan, R.O.C., and the Farglory Museums, with the sponsorship from the Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government, hosted an international exhibition recently, entitled “Women’s Eyes - Women x Design x Society.” It features contributions from nine world-renowned female designers from Denmark, Turkey, Mexico, Bolivia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. The exhibition started from Dec. 9 in Taipei. The title of the event echoes the theme of Taipei World Design Capital by promoting the concepts and practices of “social designs” through the designers’ unique viewpoints, delicate sensitivity, and professional expertise.

One of the nine invited famous visual-art designers is a lady coming from Taiwan, namely, Professor Hsiao-Pei Hou from the Visual Communication Design Department at Asia University. The others are all world-renowned female designers, namely, Gitte Kath from Denmark, Yesim Demir fromTurkey, Lourdes Zolezzi from Mexico, Susana Machicao Pacheco from Bolivia, Parisa Tashakori from Iran, Shigeno Araki from Japan, and GiGi Lee from Malaysia.

Professor Hou has a personal area for exhibiting her own designs. She pointed out that everybody of the nine famous participating designers provides design works of various topics of social cares through their respective unique visions, sharp sensitivity, and professional knowledge. The diversified topics cover poster design, book design, package design, total design, etc. It is a major hope of the exhibition that the works can help to further promote the adoption of multiple viewpoints to observe the society and the world.

Prof. Hsiao-Pei Hou from AU is invited as one of the nine contributors of works to the International Exhibition of “Women’s Eyes - Women x Design x Society.”

During his speech to the audience in the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the director of the Graphic Design Association of Taiwan, R.O.C., Prof. Ling-Hung Sophia Shih, mentioned that the idea to curate this exhibition came from Gitte Kath from Denmark, Gigi Lee from Malaysia, Shigeno Araki from Japan, as well as Prof. Hsiao-Pei Hou from Taiwan. She also interacted with the audience to share her experience and expertise, hoping that the thematic topics of this convention can be propagated to more people in Taipei.

Also, welcoming people to look into the surprise and facination of the female designs, the director of the Farglory Museums, Ran-Chi Yu, hopes that the exhibited social designs about cares of natures, lands, cultures, and arts can affect more people in Taiwan to improve their life styles and living philosophy.

The exhibition is in the Farglory Museum in the Xizhi District in New Taipei City, opening to the public from 10 am to 6 pm, starting from Jan. 2, 2017, except Monday. Everybody is welcome to see the exhibition.

A poster of the exhibition showing the nine contributors of works to the exhibition.

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