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Founding History


With the advent of the new era, the developmental trend is toward international trade freedom, regional economic integration, and overall technological competition. To conform to such a trend and add to competitive power, all countries in the world devote their efforts to promoting the knowledge economy and establishing knowledge creativeness. Taiwan is also at this critical point of upward movement.

      As a medical professional and scholar, Dr. Chang-Hai Tsai, our founder, believes that education is the basis of a country’s future and by establishing this university, Dr. Tsai hopes that he may contribute more to his homeland. Therefore, he and the other founder, Mr. Tseng-lien Lin, as well as all the other trustees, endowed funds to found an internationalized higher education institute which possesses vision, uniqueness, and excellence. Their goal is to cultivate professionals in the fields of Health Science, Computer Science, Management, and Arts and Sciences. These professionals will expand the horizon of our national development.

     In 1998, the trustees started to search for a suitable location for the university. After much research and surveys, they decided on the site in Wufeng, Taichung. Wufeng is where the provincial council used to hold its meetings. It is on a convenient location, with beautiful scenery, and rich in cultural atmosphere, which are ideal for schools. In August of 1999, the board of trustees acquired the lands released by Taiwan Sugar Corporation to build the university. In October of 1999, the preparatory office of Taichung Healthcare and Management University officially begin operations. In March of 2001, the Ministry of Education approved the university’s legal status. After four years hard work and efforts, Taichung Healthcare and Management University has been renamed as Asia University since August 1, 2005, as approved by the Ministry of Education.

     After the school was promoted to the university level, Asia University has achieved many honors, including being evaluated to be the best new university in 2005, being granted an honored project of university teaching excellency, and being approved to establish Five Ph. D. degree programs by the Ministry of Education. More than sixty outstanding professors joined Asia University in the past five years like a miracle because of the promotion of the university reputation. The university has also established an incomparable elegant and artistic campus, which becomes a landmark in middle Taiwan.

     In the future, the university will try her best to advance its school affairs in teaching and research, hoping the school will become a globally-known university eventually.



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The Thinker by Rodin

("The Thinker" by Rodin in front
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