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2019-11-20 推文至Plurk 推文至Twitter 推文至Facebook

The 2019 MOST IEM’s Research Report Presentation held at the Asia University.---

The foreign experts and scholars were being invited to give a talk, and the directions during the 107th year MOST IEM research report presentation which was held at the Asia University.

Prof. Ta-Cheng Chen, the Vice-President of Asia University said that although he is not from the IEM background, he feels very honored to host this conference and welcome all the participants to join this event.

The 2019 MOST IEM’s research report presentation, organized by the MOST IEM, the College of Management, and the Institute of Innovation and Circular Economy (IICE), Asia University, was held on November 16th at the International Conference Hall, Asia University. A total of 277 research projects were exhibited virtually, and 58 of the research posters were selected by the MOST’s review committee members for the outstanding awards.

Prof. Chun-Wei Remen Lin, the Dean of the College of Management, welcomed and thanked the experts and scholars for making the conference a success, as well as Prof. Ming-Lang Tseng, the Director of the IICE, for leading the team. The opening ceremony was officiated by Prof. Chen-Fu Chien, the convener of MOST IEM, who made an announcement on the IEM policies. He emphasized the importance of talent nurturing, innovative thinking, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and team building in securing bigger research projects.

Prof. Morris Fan chairs the journal editorial forum.

With the theme of Taiwan × ASEAN, the conference organizers invited the former Political Deputy Minister of MOST and Prof. Mi-Ching Tsai from the National Cheng Kung University to share his experience on “Smart Manufacturing and Innovative University-Industry Collaboration” and showcase the video of robot R&D. Prof. Tsai also shared the latest development in the human-robot collaboration and encouraged the cultivation of R&D talents. Prof. Ilkyeong Moon, the President of Korean Institute of Industrial Engineering, the Professor of Industrial Engineering at Seoul National University, and the Director of the Center for Sustainable & Innovative Industrial Systems, delivered a talk on “Inventory Management in Manufacturing Sector: Case Studies of Best Business Practices in Korea”. Dr. Ondrej Velek, the Director of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC) at the Czech Technical Universirty, delivered a speech on "CIIRC & Industry 4.0: the Czech Approach to Advance Industrial Production". He discussed how CIIRC promotes the industrial 4.0 and the relevant approaches.

With respect to the journal editorial forum, the conference organizers invited Prof . Yasser Dessouky from the Computers & Industrial Engineering (SCI, IF: 3.528); Prof. Hing Kai Chan from the Industrial Management & Data Systems (SCI, IF: 2.9); and Prof. Ou Tang from the International Journal of Production Economics (SCI, IF: 4.9); and Prof. Ming K. Lim from the International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications (SSCI, IF: 1.8), to share the future research trends and the tips for writing journal articles. That way, not only IEM researchers can make sure that they keep pace with the global trends, but it also helps to foster the international exchanges and encourage the use of advanced technologies.

For the Taiwan × ASEAN International Academic Forum, the conference organizers invited the delegates from many Asian countries, including Dr. Anthony SF Chiu, a Panel Member of the United Nations International Resource (the Philippines); Dr. Raymond Tan, the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation at De La Salle University (the Philippines);Dr. Abdul Hakim Halim, a Professor at Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia) and Chairman of the Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Society (APIEMS);  Dr. Andi Cakravastia, an Associate Professor at Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia); Dr. Katsuhiko Takahashi, a Professor at Hiroshima University (Japan);  Dr. Yamada Tetsuo, a Professor at University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo (Japan);  Dr. Ali Mohammed, a Senior Lecturer at National University of Malaysia (Malaysia); Dr. Kanchana Sethanan, a Professor at Khon Kaen University (Thailand); Dr. Wichai Chattinnawat, an Associate Professor at Chiang Mai University (Thailand); Dr. Bhaskar Bhandarkar, a Chairman of the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (India); Dr. Kannan Govindan, a Professor and Head of Centre for Sustainable Supply Chain Engineering at University of Southern Denmark (Denmark);  Dr. Nguyen Thanh Thuy, a Professor at Vietnam National University (Vietnam); Dr. Pham Anh Duc, a Lecturer and Dean at University of Danang, (Vietnam); Dr. Hing Kai Chan, a Professor at Nottingham University Business School (China); Dr. Ou Tang, a Professor at Linköping University (Sweden), to share the current and future directions for the industrial engineering and industry development in their respective countries. They also discussed with the Taiwanese scholars about the application of innovative thinking in the multidisciplinary research. This, in turn, will the expand the influence of Taiwanese IEM on the international stage.

 Chin-Tsan Cheng, the Project Manager of MOST, said in the IEM annual report that the passing rate for the MOST research proposals in 2019 is 44.92%, and the applications are decreasing in number year by year. He pointed out that the proposal’s assessment criteria will not only focus on the originality, but also on its value and significance. He also urged the applicants to consider whether their research has achieved the expected outcomes. In response to the rapid changes in the global economy and industrial structure, Prof. Chen-Fu Chien, the convener the MOST IEM, highlighted the important role played by IEM in the future development and prospects of Taiwan's industrial engineering. Young Taiwanese researchers need an innovation mindset to meet the challenges of Industry 3.5 or 4.0. It is his hope that through the presentation of MOST research report and various industrial development forums, coupled with their knowledge on smart manufacturing and innovative services, Taiwanese researchers would be able to produce high-quality and impactful research.


Dr. Raymond Tan, a delegate from the Philippines, gives a speech during the Taiwan × ASEAN International Academic Forum.

Chin-Tsan Cheng, the Project Manager of MOST (left) celebrates his 20-year anniversary of serving the IEM with Prof. Chen-Fu Chien, the convener the MOST IEM (right).

Asia University held "The 2019 MOST IEM’s research report presentation” . All the participants take a group photo with Prof. Chen-Fu Chien, the convener of MOST IEM (fourth from the left, first row), Prof. Ta-Cheng Chen, the Vice-President of Asia University (third from the left, second row), Prof. Chun-Wei Remen Lin, the Dean of the College of Management (first from the left, second row).

Organizers: Industrial Engineering and Management Program, MOST; Institute of Innovation and Circular Economy, Asia University; College of Management, Asia University; Chinese Institute of Innovation management and development; ISBITM. 

Co-organizer: Engineering and Technology Promotion Center, MOST, Artificial Intelligence FOR Intelligence Manufacturing Systems Research Center, MOST.


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