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2016-05-04 推文至Plurk 推文至Twitter 推文至Facebook

Asia University Held Special Exhibition Entitled “Dear, I Am Old — Dialogue with Time.”---

Asia University President said that Asia University has set up a team for caring aging people’s five sense organs, engaging in promoting studies and practices of healthcare of the old.

The President of Asia University, Jing-Pha Tsai (1st from the right) supports this exhibition “Dear, I Am Old-Dialogue with Time,” and thanks to a participant at the exhibition, the Founder of the Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE), Andreas Heinecke.

Taiwan Active Aging Association (AAA) and National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC) cooperate with Asia University (AU) to hold together a special exhibition entitled “Dear, I am Old — Dialogue with Time” in Taipei, which was opened on March 25 by President of ROC (Taiwan) Ying-Jiu Ma, Minister of Education (MOE) Sai-Hua Wu, Minister of Health and Welfare (MOHW) Bing-Huang Jiang and AU President Jing-Pha Tsai. Besides emphasizing the significance of this exhibition, President Tsai reported the effort made by AU for the coming era of aging society.

The special exhibition also invited several experts to join the opening ceremony, including the Founder of the Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE), Andreas Heinecke and the Director-General of the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC), Nan-Shyan Chu, etc.

The Director of Taiwan Active Aging Association and a Chair Professor of AU, Chih-Liang Yang, mentioned that the number of senior citizens in Taiwan increases year by year, and the demand of long-term care will also increase in the future. “In addition, active aging is a process of optimizing the opportunities for health activity participation in order to enhance quality of the life of aging people, which not only can give a solution to the disability problem, but also can realize the dreams of old people,” said Director Yang.

President Ma of ROC (Taiwan) said that Taiwan will become an aging society and we should be prepared to meet the many challenges of such an era. “As long as we are ready, there is no fear of the coming of the era. To be ready, the first is for everybody to take care of his/her aged parents” said Ma. Also emphasized by Ma are the two topics of studies of “Aging in Health” and “Aging in Place,” by which old people can live more adaptively and happily in their gradually aging years.

President Tsai elaborated the meaning of the exhibition in the opening celemony of the exhibition.

In this exhibition, 42 older people were involved as volunteers, acting as guides of the exhibition space. A meaning of this is “for the old to take care of the old,” hoping to make the the old people feel younger during their volunteering works.

In addition, President Tsai elaborated the meaning of the exhibition. He said that the aging speed of Taiwan is the highest in the world, but the society seems not to realize the impact of this aging process; with no understanding of the seriousness of the problem, preparation for the aging era is so not extensively conducted. Therefore, this exhibition aims to remind people in Taiwan of the serious problem of fast aging of the entire society in Taiwan.

The period of the exhibition is from March 25 to June 5, and Director Yang of Taiwan Active Aging Association hopes more and more people can visit the exhibition for get a good understanding of the meaning of the aging society.

President of ROC (Taiwan) Ying-Jiu Ma (2nd from the left), Director of Taiwan Active Aging Association Chih-Liang Yang (middle), Founder of Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE) Andreas Heinecke (1st from the left), Minister of Health and Welfare (MOHW) Bing-Huang Jiang, Minister of Education (MOE) Sai-Hua Wu(1st from the right) and President of Asia University Jing-Pha Tsai joined the opening ceremony of the Special Exhibition “Dear, I Am Old — Dialogue with Time.”

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